Who we are

"What is SNPGD?"

The first question we always get about SNPGD is: "What is it?"
SNPGD is a lifestyle brand built around the principles of physical and mental wellness, endless striving toward our goals, and service to our community. When we focus on these three pillars of success, we build ourselves up and empower those around us to do the same.
Coming from a place where many lack positive role models, we believe that it is our duty to be these examples and push everyone around us to be better no matter their chosen field. We've seen the impact this kind of support can have firsthand on the lives of others as well as ours.


Every year we hold a number of events in our home city, Philadelphia called #TheLinkUp to help serve our communities as well as make them a better place. #TheLinkUp events are a way to say thank you to our youth for their hard work and dedication they put into being the best they can be daily. We hold holiday give aways for Thanksgiving and Christmas and put on free youth camps to help ensure we are equipping our youth with the right armor so that they will be ready to battle the real challenges of daily life. 

Thank You

Through the past 4 years, we have received an enormous amount of volunteers and support. We would not be able to serve the best way we can without all of the support. We ask that you continue to show support as you are our oil to our engine to continue to make the world a better place. 

"To live on this earth is a privilege, the rent we pay is by our service through our community" - SNPGD

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